The Cross-Media School of Children’s Fiction is a two-year interdisciplinary educational program striving to create the next generation of skillful Danish storytellers. By continuing the strong Scandinavian tradition for innovative and excellent fiction for children and young adults, the program allows students to develop their talent for telling stories and building worlds while equipping them with the knowledge and tools to continuously adapt to a changing media reality.

The artistic growth of the students is facilitated by a program of workshops, seminars and practical experience which creates a dynamic and inspirational environment in close collaboration with leading figures in the industry. This way, we ensure that what we teach is relevant and in accordance with the latest industry insights.

The goal is to create original stories across media platforms and genres that matter to children and young adult and which intuitively interest them. We employ an interdisciplinary approach, so each student strengthens their ability to write captivating works of fiction for different platforms, such as film, TV shows, books, video games and theater.

The first class of 12 students was admitted in the spring of 2020. And since graduating in summer 2022, more than half of them have projects in development or have signed deals with publishers or producers. The program will be open for admissions every year in April and classes start in September. Teaching language is mainly Danish.


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